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This opportunity to improve your photography is a tremendous way to learn. Getting positive feedback from someone who has a few years under their belt has always been a benefit to me and my imagery. Please keep in

mind that this is just my opinion. A well educated and experienced opinion, but just one guy's thoughts.

Use at your own risk!


You can get a critique of each of your images on video to keep and learn from over and over again!


Have you ever thought about having your photography critiqued? Wouldn't a little feedback help you improve your skills and enhance your portfolio? It sure would. But, putting your work out there for scrutiny can be a fearful thing. You put your heart into creating an image and then ask someone to critically analyze it. Are we crazy?


A little crazy, yes, but, we are artists, right? We love what we do and we crave growth. In my 40+ year photography career, I can tell you if it weren't for the feedback I've received from judges and my peers, my work would not be where it is today! You do have to develop a thick skin, but it will be worth every minute of the education. The reward is worth it.


So, here is what I am proposing . . . send me your photographic images and I will create a 3 to 5 minute video for each image with positive and constructive criticism. I will point out what has been done well and make suggestions for what I feel could be done differently or better. No judgement, just carefully prepared advice and wisdom. I load your images into Photoshop and visually diagram on your image my suggestions and comments along with the audio track explaining what I see and feel about your image. This video is yours to keep and study from as much as you wish on your own time.


I refer to the 12 Elements of Design for guidelines and suggestions as to critiquing your imagery.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Even though I have 40+ years of hands-on experience photographing and teaching, these critiques I prepare for you are simply based on my opinion. I rely on what has worked for me and from what I have learned over the years from many, many experienced and talented photographers, artists and other educators. It is just MY OPINION. It is not the gospel, nor is it wrong, it is just my opinion. Trust it as you will. I thank you for that.

1 - 3 images critiqued are $15 each

4 or more images are $12 each


Please size your images as follows - 


300 PPI Resolution

3000 pixels at the longest side of your image

Compression of 8

Go to, it's free, set up an account and upload your images using as the "to" email address. Then send me an email HERE to tell me you've sent me your images. I know its kinda redundant but it helps. We can figure out a payment at that point.

Would you like to have your portfolio reviewed and critiqued? I can do an extended video critique on your portfolio. Or better yet, let's do this critique live and in person so you can respond and ask questions. I would even be glad to do a recorded version on Zoom so you can keep the video to review over and over again.

Portfolios of 25 - 75 images may be reviewed for $250


Final Resting Place. An Infrared black and white photograph of an old truck in the woods

Final Resting Place

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