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Learning independently as opposed to in a class or group setting with other photographers can offer several distinct advantages. Learning preferences vary among individuals, so, the objective of independent learning over classroom settings or large group meetings may stem from various factors. 


Here are a few thoughts I have to hopefully encourage you to consider my OneOnOne Mentoring opportunity. 


    When learning on your own, you have undivided attention on the material without external distractions or the influence of others. This focused environment allows for a deeper dive into the subject matter and facilitates better concentration.

    Independent learning allows you to set your pace. You have the freedom to delve deeper into topics of interest, spending more time on complex concepts while swiftly moving through familiar ones, aligning with your individual learning speed.

    Independent learning enables you to tailor the learning experience according to your specific needs, interests, and pace. You have the freedom to explore topics that intrigue you without being bound by a predefined curriculum or group consensus.

    Working one-on-one with me allows you to progress at your own pace, whether it means spending more time on challenging concepts or allowing yourself to practice more on familiar concepts. I’ve found that this personalized approach promotes a deeper understanding of the material.

    I can customize your independent  learning experience to suit your preferences, focusing on specific learning styles or methods that resonate best with you. You have the flexibility to choose resources and materials aligned with your unique way of understanding information. OneOnOne mentoring provides a sense of autonomy and control over your learning journey. You decide what, when, and how you learn, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility for your education.

    Classroom environments or large group meetings bring distractions that may impede your learning process. Studying on your own offers a controlled, quiet setting where you can concentrate fully on the material without external disruptions.

    My OneOnOne Mentoring opportunities encourage exploration and fuels curiosity. I will encourage you to explore diverse sources of information, viewpoints, and resources, which will foster a broader understanding and a more comprehensive knowledge base.

  • Freedom for Experimentation
    Without the pressure of conforming to a group's ideas or methods, I will encourage you to experiment, make mistakes, and learn from them. This freedom encourages creativity during your individual exploration in photography techniques.

    Group settings can sometimes create social pressure, inhibiting one's ability to explore freely or ask questions. In my experience, learning independently alleviates this pressure, and fosters a more relaxed and conducive learning environment. 

    Studying on your own allows for introspection and self-evaluation. I’ve found that folks can assess their progress, identify areas for improvement, and set personal learning goals much easier without the external influence that a group situation often harbors. 

    My OneOnOne mentoring practice creates a self-directed learning process. This technique requires problem-solving and critical thinking skills. With direct guidance, you're compelled to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information independently, fostering a deeper understanding of the subject matter. 

    OneOnOne mentoring encourages you to utilize a wide array of resources that will best suit your learning style—books, online tutorials, specialized courses, and if course, hands on practice. This thought process assures you that the information you access will resonates best with you.


While group settings or classes have their advantages, such as collaborative learning and shared experiences, the autonomy and personalized approach inherent with my OneOnOne Mentoring services offer in independent learning often cater more effectively to individual preferences, fostering a deeper and more self-driven understanding of photography techniques and concepts.


Ultimately, the preference for independent learning is a testament to your unique learning style and the environment that best nurtures your intellectual growth. OneOnOne mentoring provides the freedom, flexibility, and autonomy to craft a learning experience tailored to your needs, allowing you to thrive and absorb information in a manner that suits you best. 


Here’s how this works . . .  

Here are some questions to pose to yourself to determine how to use my services and knowledge
to your advantage. 

  • What is it that you feel you would love to learn? 

  • What techniques are you dying to learn or improve on? 

  • What photographic software are you wanting to become more proficient at?

  • Are you craving constructive feedback on your photography?

  • Do you wish you knew your camera better?

  • Would you love to know my entire image creation process?


These are just a few of the more popular themes I’ve helped folks work on. You probably have other ideas you’d love to learn or enhance. Thats why I offer this fun and thoughtful OneOnOne opportunity. 


We can meet in person or through the wonderful opportunity that a Zoom session inspires. You can acquire multiple hours and use them as you see fit. Use 1 hour at a time or multiple hours as your chosen topic dictates. I suggest 2-3 hour sessions as I’ve discovered those to be a comfortable learning timeframe.

The more hours you purchase, the better hourly rate you will enjoy. 


Dont forget your photography friends! OneOnOne sessions are great gifts for those
like-minded friends. 


Also, if you have a buddy or two and you want to learn together, talk to me. I’ll figure out a great rate for you all!

Get it . . . Got it . . . Good!


So, what are you waiting for?


CLICK HERE for OneOnOne Mentoring Session Rates

Glow on Fisher Tower in Castle Valley, Utah

End of Day in Castle Valley


  • Basic / Beginning Photography

  • Advanced Photography

  • Composition

  • Exposure

  • Seeing the Light

  • Photoshop

  • Lightroom

  • Post-processing techniques

  • Texture overlays & vignettes

  • Equipment

    • What to buy

    • Where to buy

    • How to use it

  • Tripods & Camera Bags / Storage

  • Filters, gradients, ND filters

  • Portraiture

    • Posing​

    • Lighting - natural & studio

  • Sales

  • Printing vs. Lab

  • Getting creative exercises


1 Hour - $85

2 Hours - $150 ($75/hr)

3 Hours - $225 ($75/hr)

4 Hours - $300 ($75/hr)

5 Hours - $375 ($75/hr)

6 Hours - $420 ($70/hr)



7 Hours - $490 ($70/hr)

8 Hours - $560 ($70/hr)


9 Hours  - $630 ($70/hr)

10 Hours - $700 ($70/hr)

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Alone in a field at nightfall
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And now . . . for a limited time only . . .

for every 3 hours you buy, I will give you an additional hour. Buy 3, get 4

Buy 6, get 8

Buy 12 get 16

You get it, right?

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OneOnOne Rates
The abandoned Cisco Post Office in east Utah

Cisco Post Office

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