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Here is what folks are saying about SRT . . .

If you have something to add, your personal testimonial or a good story from a Road Trip. I'd love to hear about it. And tell the world, too. EMAIL ME with your thoughts.

"I have been photographing professionally for almost 30 years and I still take Jeff's workshops and classes. He always teaches me something new, even after all these years. He is friendly, easy going, incredibly knowledgable and most of all... fun! Jeff explains things in an easy to understand way, and has amazing skills ranging from capture, Lightroom, Photoshop as well as printing your work to get the most out of it. If Jeff is teaching, you should be attending!"                                                  ~ Coleen Graybill

A few years ago, I took my first photography workshop with Jeff Johnson. Since that time, I have been lucky enough to

experience a few of his workshops. The two that really stood out for me are the classes I took in Ouray Colorado for the fall and later again the following year (the Wild Flower Macro Photography workshop). Jeff's ability to connect to his students and meet them at their level is one of the many reasons I found his approach so refreshing. For someone such as myself who wanted to reach another level in their photography skills as well as gain more confidence, Jeff certainly opened the door for that. He is very, very passionate about his craft and openly shares his insight, guidance, and encouragement.


He creates an environment where students feel safe to and at ease to ask questions as well as challenge themselves to grow further. I am forever grateful that I met Jeff. He believed in my skills, which pushed me to keep on growing and learning my passion for landscape photography. It has also given me more confidence which has helped me to take more chances on my work. I consider Jeff a mentor and friend. I am forever blessed by what he so graciously taught and encouraged in me. He really walks his talk!                        ~ Raemi Anderson

I have known Jeff for 5 years. He wants to see his students learn and improve and grow in their photography skills and vision. Jeff is a master artist in the classical sense; he freely shares everything he knows and feels about photography. He brings out your vision, understanding, and creativity through his lifetime of practicing and teaching photography. Jeff goes beyond just teaching the art and technical skills, he becomes a mentor and friend who cares about his students. My highest recommendation.   ~ Olin Jones

Jeff is an outstanding photographer who makes it a point to help others learn the photography profession. We have been working together privately for over a year and I learn a lot every time we spend time together. He is an expert in his field and knows cameras, photography, and post-processing. I am fortunate to work with Jeff and hope to continue learning photography with him. He is an outstanding instructor/tutor!                                                                                                                                              ~  Debi Tepper

Jeff is an experienced imaging instructor. His classes are organized, informative, and fun! He holds nothing back! One look at any of Jeff’s images and you will see the heart and soul he puts into his craft. His teaching is no different.                                    ~Gary

The Great Sand Dunes sunrise

A Morning to Remember   |   The Great Sand Dunes   |   Colorado

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