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Everybody asks . . . all the time. So, here is a list of gear. My favorite cameras, lens, tripods, filters, bags and other more better stuff.


Canon R5 (The BEST!)

Canon 5D Mark IIIS
Canon 5D Mark II IR Conversion

15mm-35mm f2.8
24 - 105mm f2.8
100 - 500mm f5.6 - 7.1
100mm Macro f2.8

ProMediaGear TR424L tripod

Really Right Stuff BH-55 ballhead
Sirui Tripod

Hoodman Loupe (This is a MUST!)

f-Stop camera bags, inserts, pouches

BlackRapid shoulder strap

Spider Holster hand straps and lens pouches
Singh-Ray Filters
  * Blue 'n Gold Polarizer - 
Singh-Ray Filter

  * Warming Polarizer Singh-Ray Filter
  * Vari-ND 8 stop Singh-Ray Filter
  * Mor-Slo ND 10 stop Singh-Ray Filter

  * Breakthrough Photography X2 CPL Polarizer Filter
  * Rowell ND gradient filters
  * FLV (flourescent light) It's for a fun effect at sunrise/sunset
  * Flashlights, head-lamps, knife, screwdriver, gaffer tape, bubblegum, lip gloss, band-aids, whistle,   joke book.


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End of Season, End of Life

The Right of Seasonal Passage

Unforgetable Morning over the Grand Teton National Park at the Moulton Family Barn

Moulton Family Barn   |   Grand Teton National Park   |  Wyoming

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