Workshops are 1 or 2-day opportunities. They can be a full-day in a classroom situation with a specific subject or theme. They can be a half-day of hands-on shooting with the last half-day in the classroom. Or, they can be a 2-day event with day 1 in the field offering hands-on shooting and education and day 2 in the classroom learning Lightroom and Photoshop and many other exciting and useful tips, tricks and techniques for your post-processing journey!

Critiques & Competitions      
Why You Need to Consider Both

March 3, 2019  |  9a - 3p
Front Range Photography Group  |  Lone Tree Civic Center  | 

Over my career, I have found that having my work critiqued and entering image competitions has helped me grow, tremendously, as a photographer. More than I can describe! I will share with you just how important these two very valuable tools can be and how to use them for your photography. I do realize that I am asking you to wear your heart on your sleeve and not get hurt . . . an awkward proposition . . . but, oh so rewarding!


$80 - FRPG members   |   $90 - non-FRPG members

The Creative Edge     

October 16, 2019  |  Lone Tree Photography Club  |  Lone Tree Civic Center  |  MAP

So, you’ve mastered your camera, the exposure triangle and your composition is solid. Now, you’ve taken the weekend off, time away from work and your family, and have driven several miles to your favorite location. You know the sunrises and sunsets will be magical over those mountains and that gorgeous waterfall, you can’t wait! You shoot and you shoot and you shoot. Then you look at your images on the camera’s monitor. Your heart sinks. You can’t believe your eyes . . . flat and lifeless.