"Subtle Beauty"

Winter morning along the West Elk Loop in central Colorado

You've heard the saying, 'stop and smell the roses', right? Have you ever stopped for a moment and stepped into their world? While photographing this sunflower I wanted to look at it from its own perspective. In doing so, my eyes were opened to another dimension of reality. I think we take for granted the things around us that we relate to on a level of comfort that we get used to.

So, change your perspective for a moment. Look a little lower . . . down by your toes . . . give it a minute. Look at the depth and detail of life from this point of view. It's an entirely different world, complete with its own intricate attitude and opinions.

Now, why not try out this technique of 'changing your perspective' on someone else's point of view. It's a pretty sweet lifestyle

Stay true to your inner artist.

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