April 27 & 28, 2019   |  8a - 5p Both Days   |   Indian Peaks Golf Course   |   MAP

This is an intensive 2-day workshop focused on the basics of Photoshop. A lot of photographers tumble and struggle their way in Photoshop and do not enjoy photography because of this common situation. I've found that most of the time it is because they just don't have a grip on the very basics of Photoshop for photographers. No worries . . . you are not alone. Not by any stretch of your imagination!


Photoshop offers so many tools, palettes, actions, and so much that it can be daunting and overwhelming. It was created for graphic designers, 3D and medical imagers and photographers. There are so many tools that you will never need but really don't know that from the start. Let me show which ones are for you!

In this very intensive 2-day event, I will give you an overview of what you need to know to be a photographer and be successful using Photoshop and not just swear at it! We will set up the interface with ONLY what you need. I will go over the tools and palettes that are for photograph editing and enhancing. I will share with you non-destructive editing and layer-masking. Layer-masking is, arguably Photoshop's most powerful tool. You will love the techniques you can do with layer-masks.

This learning group will have the benefit of contacting each other and/or me with questions, comment and more in the future. We will have a refresher get together soon after this workshop to make sure you are not stuck with some little thing that keep you stifled. Community rocks!

Give me a weekend and your undivided attention and Photoshop will be your new BFF.


Ya . . . I just said that! Sorry!


Photoshop Learning Group - April 27th & 28th  -  $175

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