March 14 & 15 2020   |  9a - 5p Both Days   |   Denver, CO 
Natural Grocers, 2053 S Colorado Blvd.  |   MAP

Do you fumble and tumble and struggle your way through Photoshop?


Do you find yourself not enjoying photography because of this?


Do you sit down at Photoshop only to walk away because you do not know where to start? nOr finish?


This is a very common situation. My experience is that most of the time, photographers just like yourself, don't have a good grip on the very basics of Photoshop. 

No problem. This is why I am offering this workshop! Let me tell you about it.


I agree that Photoshop is quite daunting. It was designed for graphic designers, 3D modelers, medical imagers, artists of all types and, oh ya, photographers. All of those palettes and tools that are there by default are not necessarily for photography. Trying to wade through everything Photoshop was designed for just to edit a photograph can be very painful, frustrating and make you want to turn to knitting or stamp collecting or take up plumbing for a hobby instead. (Nothing against you plumbers out there, really!)

No worries . . . you are not alone. Not by any stretch of your imagination! Let me show you which tools, palettes and actions work best for photography. I will show you a simple path through all that Photoshop is so that you may fall in love with post-processing. Seriously! 

In this very intensive 2-day event, we will be focused on the basics of Photoshop. I will start with an extensive overview of the interface and what you need to know to be successful using Photoshop. This should help you cut out all of the swearing and throwing things!


I will show you how to set up the interface with ONLY the tools and palettes you need, and I will show you how to use them. I will share with you non-destructive editing so you can't ruin your precious images. I know you worry about that, too. We will even get into layer-masking towards the end of the workshop. Layer-masking is, arguably, Photoshop's most powerful tool. You will love the techniques you can do with layer-masks.

I plan on teaching you my digital workflow using Photoshop. We will also explore file management, image enhancing, export for web, email, printing and more. I will share with you how to create actions (shortcuts) for techniques or processes you do quite often in Photoshop. So plan on being efficient in this often cursed at yet invaluable software. We will talk about exposure, density, contrast, white balance and other cool tips to change color in one part of an image, dodging & burning and more.  I'll even show you how to make your clouds white again!

Being a part of a learning group like this has great benefits. You will now have like-minded friends to contact and share ideas and concepts with. Of course you will be able to email me with questions, comments and more. Community rocks!

Give me a weekend and your undivided attention and Photoshop will be your new BFF.


Ya . . . I just said that! Sorry!


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Photoshop Learning Group

March 14 & 15  -  $199

The Great Sand Dune National Park, Alamosa, Colorado