The Soul Road Trips is not just about Road Trips and workshops for the masses. Nope! While going out on the road to national parks and other fantastic locations to photograph with a bunch of like-minded folks is an awesome thing to do, maybe that is not your best way to learn. Maybe you prefer to sit one-on-one with a mentor and learn more specifically and at your pace. 


OneOnOne Mentor Sessions may be what you really need. I can custom design a learning package and direction based on where you currently are and towards where you want to go with what you want to learn.


Just having issues getting started with your camera? I can help.


Lightroom, Photoshop or other software got you frustrated? I can help.


File management, backing up and archiving files troubling you? I can help.


Maybe you'd like to learn how to do flattering and unique portraits. I can help.


Bathroom sink clogged? I can't help you there, sorry!


Check out more about my OneOnOne Mentor sessions and let's get you smarter!

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Road Trips are a blast! We go to some of the most awesome locations in the US, Alaska and even Cuba. More locations like Norway, Greenland, and Scotland  are in the plans for 2021 and beyond. But . . . maybe you and your photo buddies have some other places you'd love to visit and photograph. So, let's plan a very private and very custom trip. All you have to do is tell me where you wish to go and I will help make it happen. Just call me or drop me an email with your location thoughts and I'll put it together for you!

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Getting feedback on your photography is truly an amazing way to grow. It's hard to conceive of someone else telling if your images are good or not. But that is not what critiquing and feedback are for. I can tell you this is how I've become a better photographer than I could have imagined over 40 years ago. I will take your images and offer you a video critique and I promise I'll be truthful and not make you wanna cry!!