May 8 - 13, 2018


4000 old cars & trucks on 34 acres with 6 1/2 miles of trails . . . really!

This is a photographer's dream. It's even overwhelming as you walk in. Some of these cars have been sitting in the woods for over 80 years! You read that right . . . 80 years!!

Join me as I lead you down these amazing trails of nostalgia, rust and decay. One cannot help but wonder about each car and truck as to their heritage, their owners and the sights these old characters experienced during their active lives.

I'll offer you a lot of photographic education in the field like composition, lens selection and depth-of-field. We'll shoot for 2 days and then a full day in the classroom where I will offer an image critique and then a demonstration in Photoshop as to some-of the tips and techniques I use to enhance my imagery. So bring your computer and your desire to learn post-processing and image enhancing. You will experience lot of intimate instruction and education, both in the field and in the classroom.

All skill levels are encouraged to come and play in this atmosphere beyond words. After the workshop you will see why words can't explain this unusual and unique collection of rust and decomposition. Really!

Here are some of the things I hope to encourage your photographic growth in:


  • Image pre-visualization

  • Composition

  • Exposure

  • Depth of field

  • Lens selection

  • Image prep in Lightroom

  • Image enhancement in Photoshop

  • and so much more . . .

If you'd like to see what you too can create, visit my fine art web site at JeffJohnsonFineArt.com

This workshop is limited to 10 attendees so that I can run around and get with each of you to help and instruct as much as you desire. It is open to all levels of skill & desire so don’t be shy . . .

reserve your spot right now!

Schedule -

Tuesday, May 8
6p - Let's go have dinner and get acquainted! I have a presentation

I would like to share with you about what we are going to be photographing so we'll start in my suite at 6p.

Wednesday May 9
7a - Meet in the lobby of our host hotel, for a yummy breakfast (ya, I said yummy). We'll then head to Old Car City USA and spend the day shooting and creating fine art images of stellar proportions! (Old Car City USA is open 9a-4p) We'll break for lunch across the street but please feel free to bring yourself some snacks and water and bug spray and sun screen and a hat and . . . I'll bring lots of water, too!

Thursday, May 10
7a - Breakfast and then head back to Old Car City. We'll shoot from 9a-4p again so bring those snacks and water! We'll lunch when we feel the desire.

Friday, May 11
7a - Breakfast and then head back to Old Car City. We'll shoot from 9a-4p again so bring those snacks and water! We'll lunch when we feel the desire.

Saturday, May 12
7a - Breakfast and then head back to Old Car City. We'll shoot from
9a-4p when Dean closes up the place for the weekend.

Sunday, May 13 - 9a-3p
OPTIONAL DAY - ADDITIONAL $75 (includes lunch)

Post Processing Your Images in Photoshop
8a - Meet in the lobby for breakfast. We'll then head to the classroom and I'll share with you how I enhance images to create my style of fine art photographs. You can then work on your images and I'll offer help if you like! Lunch is included with this day of classroom!
3p- Done. Go home! Be safe!

Schedule subject to change if I can make it better!

Lodging -

Quality Inn & Suites
2385 Aubrey Lake Road
Cartersville, GA 30120

IN THE FIELD - Camera, tripod, filters, lenses, release cord and whatever other gear makes you happy. Sunscreen, sunglasses, bug spray and a hat are advised. Having layers of clothing is great as you can take off and put them back on as the temperature changes. Having rain gear available is not a bad idea either. And rain gear for your equipment, too! More detailed info about gear after you register.

IN THE CLASSROOM - This is a hands-on opportunity so bring your computer! I'll share with you how I edit and prepare my images in Lightroom and Photoshop. I also use the NIK Software suite. Have these all loaded and running on your computer before the class, please!

YOUR INVESTMENT - For your investment you will have the opportunity to photograph some of the most incredible piles of rust and decay you have ever seen. I can't even put into words how amazing this Road Trip is.

Cadilac Smile

May 8 - 12, 2018


$250 Holds Your Spot

What's a Bumper Between Friends
Clayton's '50 Ford
No Parking Permit Required

May 8 - 12, 2018


$250 Holds Your Spot

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