Mobile Phone Abstract Photography Walk-About

July 22, 2019  |  6p - 9p   |  King Soopers, Thompson Valley Towne Center, 1275 Eagle Dr., Loveland, CO  80525  |  MAP

 A Walk-About is a 3-hour long event with a gathering of 15 - 20 like-minded, curious photographers who wish to push their talents and creativity to new limits.  These are a hands-on learning opportunity. Walk-Abouts are a themed “challenge” for the attendees. Designed as a comfortable and informal event so everyone has a chance to shoot, ask questions and learn. All skill levels are welcome and encouraged to attend these events.

Jeff Johnson has created  a fun, creative, and very unique event. Intentional camera movement (ICM) with our cell phone cameras! You read that right . . . cell phone cameras! We are going to go to a King Soopers grocery store and play in the floral and produce sections and hang out with all of the color and flare that is fruit, veggies and flowers.


Agreed, this is such a step away from reality and a challenge for your creativity. The abstract imagery that only your imagination can create will be put to the test. Jeff will share with you his fun techniques for camera movement, exposure lengths, painting and more. He will show you how to use "Slow Shutter" app for the iPhone or the manual camera controls on your Android or Google phones. He will demonstrate how he creates colorful and unique abstracts and then turn you loose to create your own abstracts.


For the last 30 minutes of this Walk-About, Jeff will share how he edits and enhances his abstracts in Snapseed (phone & tablet) and in Lightroom and Photoshop on your computers. So many cool ideas to use these images for. You'll have to come along to find out how to make these crazy and just plain fun photographs! It's only $35 so why not come and see for yourself.


It's contagious . . . addictive . . . and just plain fun!


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