April 4 & 5, 2020   |  9a - 5p Both Days   |   Des Moines, IA  |  Location TBA

2 - Day Hands-on Intensive Workshop

In this very intensive Lightroom Classic workshop I will show you how easy it is to master the tools and options for making your photographs amazing. We will cover the interface, import, export, editing and image enhancing techniques. I will share with you what I feel is most important . . . file management! This is such a source of animosity between photographers and their computers. Come find out how to eliminate the anxiety and restore your passion for your photography!

Are you struggling with post-processing? Do you even hate it? Do you even putoff looking at your images from that special weekend photography trip?

Too often,  photographers tell me that they are disappointed in their photographic efforts. They take workshop after workshop, are frustrated and seriously consider giving up photography because of the quality of their images. As a result, many photographers hesitate taking future workshops, entering competitions, or even sharing their work with friends, family or their social media pages. They don't even rush home from a workshop to look at what they've just created in-spite of the initial allure of the location or subject that drew them to take the workshop in the first place. Truly sad! 

As I've stated over the years, if you judge your photography by looking at your images on the monitor on your camera, that's not fair to your talent or vision. The camera monitor is the weakest part in the image creation process. Post processing is HALF of the process. Yes, HALF of the process.

Post processing is a must in digital photography. Wether you are of the mind-set to do as little as possible to your photographs or you love to find the extremes and push your photographs to new levels and styles, post processing, or more specifically, Lightroom, is that "evil necessity" of digital photography.

"I know Lightroom"! I hear that a lot, too.  That's okay. All I ask is that you be honest with yourself. If you know how to import and move a few sliders right or left, you don't really "know" Lightroom. Again,

that's okay! 

This is an intensive 2-day workshop focused on the basics of Adobe Lightroom Classic. I can assure you that after this workshop you

will feel so comfortable with Lightroom that you will again

enjoy photography.

In this very intensive 2-day event, I will teach you a complete process of what you need to know to be comfortable and successful at post processing . . .  and not just good at swearing at it! We will set up the interface with ONLY what you need. I will go over the modules and tools that are for photograph editing and enhancing. You will follow along with supplied images and then work on your own. I'll be hanging over your shoulder so you don't miss a technique!

This learning group will have the benefit of contacting each other and/or me with questions, comment and more after the workshop.

Community rocks!

Give me a weekend and your undivided attention and Lightroom will be your new BFF.


Ya . . . I just said that! Sorry!


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Lightroom Intensive - IOWA
April 4th & 5th  -  $199


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