March 6 - 13 & 15 - 22


This trip was an incredible opportunity. We met and visited with many Cuban locals, dined with them and photographed their faces and souls. The weather was incredible and the classic American cars were plentiful. The neighborhoods of Central and Old Havana are colorful eclectic and very safe. Please join us in December if you have even the slightest interest. You will be so glad you did. CUBA IN DECEMBER

The culture . . . the architecture . . . the scenery . . . OMG!!

The inaugral Soul Road Trip to Cuba in December 2016 was so much more than any of us could have expected. The scenery, the culture, the people and of course the classic American cars . . . everywhere. At first we found ourselves overwhelmed by it all. Then, to our surprise, we fell in love with it all!

We'll spend time on the streets visiting the locals, photographing chatting and sharing with them. We'll photograph the deteriorating yet intriguing architecture. We will eat in the local restaurants and in the casas with the local families. The food is simple but fresh and wonderful. The Cuban people are truly grateful about life and are very friendly and welcoming to us Americans. The streets are very safe as crime is extremely low! Just imagine yourself in this culturally different environment but not wanting to go home.

This trip is beyond words, really all I can say is, you have to experience Cuba for yourself!

March 6 - 13, 2018



March 15 - 22, 2018




Classy Classics

(This is for BOTH trips)

Day 1
Arrive at Jose Marti International airport in Havana. We will provide transportation. Check in at the Casa de Dayami in Central Havana. We will be greeted by the owners, Dayami & Ediberto Cerventes. They are delightful souls! You will feel very much at home during our stay here. We will then walk to La Habana Vieja (Old Havana) to enjoy a tour of Havana and surrounding areas in old American classic convertibles! Dinner at Casa de Dayami.

Day 2
We will walk the streets of Centro Habana to experience the people and their lifestyle, the culture, architecture and the classic American cars) Lunch at Notre Dame des Bijoux where we will meet the owner, world famous ballet instructor Sr. Tommy Reyes Martinez. Portrait opportunity! After lunch we will continue to experience and photograph the people of Centro Habana. You will see the street fruit and vegetable carts, neighborhood markets, butcher shops and more. Late afternoon Photoshop and image critique.

Day 3
We head to Old Habana to visit the Gimnasio de Boxeo Rafael Trejo, a boxing gym and home of 2008 Chinese Olympic Games Silver Medalist, Emilio Correa. We can photograph them as they workout, spar and perfect their craft with world renown trainer Nardo Mestre Flores. After lunch we will wander over to the Alamacenes San Jose Artisans’ Market. We will finish our walk on the Malecon, the boulevard along the Bahia de la Habana (the harbor), where you will be able to photograph the numerous Classic American cars and their proud owners. We can photograph the Castillo De Los Tres Reyes Del Morro and its lighthouse at sunset. Return to the casa for some image post-processing and dinner.

Day 4
We will head to Vinales, (approx. 2 ½ hours). Check in to our casas and hit the town to photograph and have a wonderful lunch. Return to our casas where each owner will prepare your dinner of fresh fruits, vegetables and a locally raised meat. Seriously delicious!

Day 5
Exciting photographic opportunity as we will be riding horseback into the tobacco fields at sunrise to the foot of the mountains in the Parque de Vinales. It’s a 4-hour tour, start to finish, where we will see tobacco fields, tobacco drying sheds and more. We will visit a grower and learn how it’s all processed, rolled and enjoyed. Be prepared to buy some Cohibas and Monte Christos at a ridiculously low price. (no bands and not certified but the REAL thing!!). We’ll return to our casas for a late breakfast and recharge! We’ll walk the town and photograph the very different lifestyle from what we experienced in Havana.

Day 6
We will visit the Hotel La Ermita, which overlooks the town of Vinales, the tobacco fields and the beautiful mountains of Parque de Vinales. Lunch in town and more photography in the afternoon. A siesta if you so desire! Return to our casas to freshen up and work on our new-found images. We will gather on the deck of Villa Nene’s for post-processing fun before dinner. I will be showing Lightroom and Photoshop tips and techniques as requested.

Day 7
A return ride to Centro Habana (2 ½ hours) and Casa de Dayami for our last night in Cuba. Check in, find lunch and then we will take a taxi to the Castillo De Los Tres Reyes Del Morro. This is the sea fortress that defended Havana from attacks from sea. We’ll tour the castle, buy some rum and cigars, photograph the lighthouse at sunset up close and amazing! Return to Casa de Dayami for a last night of post-processing and image sharing.

Day 8
Our last breakfast at Casa de Dayami and Cuba. Breakfast will be served depending on your flight times out of Jose Marti Int’l. Airport. (30-40-minute ride to the airport) Probably a 6:30a to 7a breakfast.

There are so many more buildings, museums, people and scenery to see I can't possibly list them all. The food is organic and delicious! The prople are so friendly and glad the US has come to visit. You'll want to bring some gifts with you to hand out to the folks on the street. Tennis and baseballs are great for the kids, they love candy and gum too! Hats, t-shirts, thumb-drives, blank CD's and DVD's are also a welcomed gift!!

Schedule subject to change if I can make it better!

Lodging . . .

Casa de Dayami, 618 San Martin (San Jose) Central Havana, Cuba
Check them out on Tripadvisor.com

What you will need to bring . . .

It's warm and humid! T-shirts, shorts and great walking shoes. We WILL be doing a lot of walking. NOT sandals because the streets and sidewalks are quite broken up and rough. Difinetley bring sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, sun hat. Bottled water is readily available so no worries there! I recommend traveling light. There is a laundry service at the casa.

Your Investment . . . All Inclusive


  • Lodging

  • Breakfasts

  • Dinners

  • Transportation while in Cuba Which includes to/from the airport in Havana

  • Taxi to/from Vinales

  • Entrance fees (Castle, cigar factory, boxing gym, etc.)


Your additional costs:

  • Airfare to/from Havana

  • Midday meals and snacks, water, soda, etc.

  • Souveniers, cigars, rum, more! It's okay to bring this stuff out of Cuba.

March 6 - 13, 2018


Barrio Chino
Sunset Over Central Havana
The Rooftops of Old Havana
Colorful Streets of Havana
Hangin' Around Vinales

March 15 - 22, 2018



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