March 14, 2020   |  9a - 1p   |   Denver, CO  |  Location TBA

Black and White photography is getting a bad rap these days. At least that is what I hear out there. B&W photographs are so much deeper and emotionally charged than color photographs. The stories that can be told in a B&W image can be so revealing and touching.

Don't get me wrong here . . . I love color! The subtle tones of the oranges, rusts and yellows of Colorado's southwest in the fall is stunning. The soft hues of salmon, magenta and cyan at sunrise can be breathtaking. Flowers in their delicate shades and gradations of jewel tones can create a beautiful world in their own right.


Black & white photographs, though, allow you to look past those sumptuous colors and tones and see what is really going on in a photograph.


Left without color, a monochrome print pulls you in. You see shape, form, line, patterns and space so much more clearly . . . or more like what the photographer wanted you to see. Remember that the camera doesn't lie, but you sure can fool it!


Street photographers and photojournalists have a story to tell. B&W allows this story to be told, without words or description. One doesn't get caught up in the "pretty colors". You fall deeply into B&W imagery. You more than see the story, you feel it. Emotions will be triggered, heartstrings will be pulled, eyes well-up and your stomach will flip. B&W imagery is famous for igniting these human reactions.

Join me on March 14th for a look at what B&W photography can do for your portfolio!

I will share with you philosophies of B&W photographers of past and present. We'll talk about when to consider shooting for B&W and how to do that. What types of lighting and subject matter work well for B&W images. I will also show you several technique for preparing your images for B&W conversion. We'll also talk about several ways to convert your images including Lightroom, Photoshop, NIK and Topaz. 

Then I will show you how I enhance my B&W images further to make them more inviting, emotional dramatic and surreal. 


The Art of Seeing B&W  |  March 14th  -  $79