Do you want to learn photography and advance your photographic skills?


You can, easily, with custom One - 2 - One Mentor Sessions. Whether you are a beginner, a hobbyist or an advanced amateur, you can always learn more. I am a 40+ year working professional and I have been very fortunate to have learned from many amazing and talented photographers and artists over those 40+ years! I would love to share this knowledge with you. By the way . . . I still learn, everyday!


I will create personalized training sessions based on how you learn best. Our first meeting will be a 1 - hour consultation at no charge, to see where you are in your photography knowledge. This way we can better determine where you want to go and what you wish to learn. Then I will custom design a plan to make you awesome.


A three-hour Mentor Session is normally $225. To get you excited about this great learning opportunity, your first 3 - hour Mentor Session will only be $195. (Please contact me for this special rate for your first session because it is NOT one the options below.) If you are serious about your education in photography, you can purchase more hours at greater savings. Check out those plans below.


Buy one for a friend, buy one for that special someone who already has everything, or buy one for yourself. Buy two or three for yourself . . .

No limits to your education, right?


Some of the topics I can cover are:

  • Basic / advanced Photography

  • Photoshop & Lightroom

  • Post-processing

  • Exposure triangle

  • Equipment

    • What to buy

    • How to use it

  • Portraiture

    • Posing​

    • Lighting - natural & studio

  • Seeing the Light

  • Composition

  • Sales

  • Printing vs. Lab

  • Getting creative


1 - 6 Hours - $65 hour

7 - 12 Hours  - $60 hour

13 - 18 Hours  - $55 hour

19 - 24+ Hours - $50 hour


Below is a series of well written articles on all types of photographic topics. I have written some of them and discovered many others on the Internet. I have given credit to those authors on their articles.


Please help yourself and feel free to email me with questions, thoughts or comments about these articles. Happy education!

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