April 23  |  6:30p - 8p


Creating photographs can be a challenge whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned pro. Have you ever had an idea or a vision about creating a photograph or a photographic project? Do you know how to start? How to get there? And, do you know when you are finished?


Like most of us, we start a project or set out to capture a specific photographic theme or image, only to be unsure if we were successful or not. That’s not the best feeling.


Jeff Johnson will share with us some ideas and suggestions that can help with these questions. The 12 Elements of Design is list of soft guidelines that was created by the Professional Photographers of America for just this situation. Judges use this list while judging PPA competitions in order to have a common ground from which to judge.


Having as many of these elements in your photograph as possible will ensure creativity, success, and gratification. Using these elements while planning your project or photograph will help establish a firm foundation to plan from. They can obviously help you decide if you are staying true to your vision and will help you to realize when you are finished with your photograph.


Whether you are creating an image in the field, on a simple walk with the dog, or are deep in a photobook or gallery project, using the 12 elements of design as a powerful tool is a means to success.  

Download your PDF of The 12 Elements of Design here.. 

12 ELEMENTS of DESIGN  |  $5



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